This Crazy 52 Year-Old Math in Vineland, New Jersey Believed He Could Change the Energy World... And Somehow He Did It.

DIY Dish System Will Change Our World Forever

Hi, my name is Daniel Scott,

And today, in this short video I’ll tell you a life-changing story about how I figured out how to easily generate insane amounts of energy for the past 3 years…

I’m talking about a simple device that can be used by any family around the world and can even change the course of the entire energy industry…

Over the past year alone, 17,000 people have also successfully used the very same technique to get over tragic milestones such as hurricanes, snowstorms, or floods.

Based on NASA improved technology that we use on a daily basis, not only can it generate enough power to last through long, harsh winters when temperatures outside go below zero, but it can ameliorate your power bill all year long.

I’m sure you’re already intrigued and you want to know all about how this system works.

Honestly, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen and in a few minutes from now you’ll be outraged you ever paid a single cent to Big Electric…

And with everything going on right now in the world, the international and political climate plus the highest inflation we've seen in 30 years… We're heading towards the biggest energy crisis of both the 20th and the 21st century, with prices skyrocketing as we speak.

So you absolutely need to watch this short presentation today, while it’s still up…

I don't know how much longer I'll have this free presentation online, so watch this right now, while you still can...

Before we continue, let me tell you who I am, and how it all started.

As I've mentioned before, my name is Daniel Scott. I'm a 52-year-old math teacher from Vineland, New Jersey. Happily married for six years, raising our beautiful daughter named Emma.

For me and most of the people who live here, high energy bills are somewhat of an issue, and we have been fighting them for years… month after month, struggling not to fall behind on payments.

In my case, keeping up with the bills became even harder after Emma was born.

When we found out Julie was pregnant, I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait for little Emma to come into our family.

A few months after she was born, we noticed Emma wasn't breathing properly while sleeping…

Initially, we thought it was only a cold, but when we saw that the symptoms didn't go away, we went to see the doctor… and after thorough tests, we were given the tragic diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea…

It's a sleep disorder that causes children to have pauses in their breathing while they sleep, and our daughter was one of the worst cases there was…

The implications this disorder had were sleep disturbances, severe daytime fatigue, heart diseases, and even strokes…

When I heard the doctor giving Emma this terrible diagnosis, I froze in my tracks…

The only solution was to use a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) while sleeping… Sort of like a ventilator but for home use.

And she had to wear it for every sleep she took; otherwise, she might never wake up…


Then came the winter of 2018. December 29th. Tuesday.

The absolute worst day of my life.

It was close to midnight when I woke up hearing Emma coughing violently.

I jumped out of bed and ran to check on her, and what I saw made me freeze in my tracks.

My wife was crying by our daughter's crib. My little Emma was having a crisis like never before…

She couldn't stop coughing, gasping for
each breath of air…

I realized the power was out, and the surge that caused the blackout had literally fried the CPAP machine. So there was no power to help my daughter breathe…

Desperate, I didn't know what to do…

I frantically started looking for the phone to call for an ambulance, but we realized both our phones were dead with no battery…

I woke her up… she started crying, but she still had trouble breathing…

I could see the hopelessness in her eyes as she struggled to get at least a little air in her tiny lungs, but not being able to…

I ran to the car carrying her in my arms and rushed to the hospital. To this day, I don't remember the drive to the ER that night. All I can remember is a looming thought that it might be too late…

You can't imagine how I felt not being able to protect my family… It was the most devastating moment of my life.

I felt like my world collapsed.

I felt POWERLESS because there was nothing I could do to protect the ones I cared for most...

And I simply felt FURIOUS.

I was FURIOUS because I knew I was the only one to blame for getting in this situation… and putting my family in danger.

I was FURIOUS for being COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on the electric company to power my home.

And FURIOUS about the fact that for so many years, I "let it slide" and thought, "Maybe it'll be better next year" while those money-sucking electricity mobsters bled my family and me dry.

It was the moment I realized I was at the end of my rope. I swore to myself I'd never put my wife and my daughter in a similar situation again.

We spent the rest of the night and the following day in the waiting room outside Emma's ward. She was stable, but doctors decided to keep her under observation a bit longer… At least the hospital had power from the emergency generators.

After we came back home, I immediately began researching every single energy alternative I could find.

I made it my sole purpose because leaving my family's wellbeing in the hands of electric companies clearly wasn't an option anymore.

Not only were their power linesold and unreliable, but always seemed to go down in unexpected moments...

But their prices had been smothering me for more than a decade.

I imagined the CEOs going to the bank and cashing out my hard-earned money, maybe even laughing while doing it.

So I immediately began to look at the problem from every angle to break Big Electric's chains around my family. There had to be something.

Frustrated, I created a list of what I felt my new source of energy should be:

  • Cheap and easy to obtain (or build).
  • Easy to move. If I needed to bug out of town, it needed to be something I could easily carry.
  • Can use a constant source of power to create energy. Day or night, hot or cold, it should still work fine without interruption.

So I considered buying a heavy-duty generator. It's certainly a reliable power source, so I looked pretty much into this option. However, when I started to consider the costs, I realized I was looking at a minimum $3000 investment to get a high-quality generator. Not to mention the fuel usage. That wasn't an option at $2 per gallon, and clearly not an option anymore with gas prices pushing over $4 per gallon …

But for the sake of argument, let's think about powering your home full time with a generator. You'd need to use about 90 gallons of gas per month... and at the cost of around $360 or more to do it.

Plus, it's not like I wanted to have a 90-gallon bomb around my family and house. So this option was off the list even back then.

Next, I considered using wind energy, but getting a 100-foot high noisy wind turbine… that didn't sound like a viable solution to my problem either.

So I thought to myself… Solar.

But installing professional panels would have cost me an easy $15,000 to $20,000… And I certainly didn't have the money to invest…

Plus, I did some research, and I found out that solar panels rarely exceed 15% efficiency.

That left me with only one option. If I wanted to make sure my family never goes through such an experience again, I had to create my own solution.

It had to be something cheap, fast, and easy to build because I definitely didn't have any technical skills to build complicated devices.

Being a teacher doesn't really offer those kinds of skills.

So I started looking into every other solution that could bring me security for my family.

Many sleepless nights passed, and I was getting tired of surfing the Internet for a simple solution.

Yet one day, Kate, my wife, reminded me about my late uncle Jack and his research in the energy field.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2004.

He worked for a company that builds communication satellites. More specifically, he worked on the power source inside high orbit geostationary satellites. He was a pioneer in this field.

As a professional researcher in this domain, he had the resources needed to do it.

And, setting his goal to "Help humankind," as he said, he dedicated his life to discovering new technology.

And he did thorough research.

I remembered him telling me how electric eels can be used to produce vast amounts of energy.

And maybe that sounds a bit strange, but some fish farms are completely energy-independent.

However, that wasn't the solution for his satellites.

And clearly, it wasn't for me either. The investment was too big, and I certainly wasn't going to take care of who-knows-how-many eels all year round. Not to mention the danger I was putting my family in.

So, while this option was off the table, I knew there had to be a solution out there.

And that's when I remembered about the incredible technology that he pioneered.

He told me about light focusing and refraction used in powering up satellites for decades on end.

Everybody, including the top engineers at the company, was shocked to see how easy it was.

That very moment I realized the answer I was looking for was in front of my eyes.

You're probably thinking that there's no way such a simple thing as focusing sunlight could hold the key to energy independence...

But the initial tests had been pretty promising.

Let me explain the working principle as I later discovered it:

As you probably already know, satellites and everything floating around in space are powered by the Sun. So YES, they're powered by solar panels, but not your usual solar panels. And it's not that it's a different technology…

It's just that these go all the way up to being 100% efficient (unlike the ones down here that stop at 15%). And they get to total efficiency by taking in a lot more light than usual. The trick is in focusing and refracting the light on the panel surfaces. And this trick makes sure the satellites are powered up and running even after 40 years.

That's the real secret.

However, what you may not realize is just how much energy a lot more light to the same area can produce and how simple and easy it is to obtain.

The fundamentals are so easy, yet few know about it, and it's rarely used.

If properly applied, even your cheapest, run-of-the-mill solar panel can produce insane amounts of electricity.

That was the solution to my problem.

Without wasting a second, I took some time off and told my wife and daughters I would visit their aunt. I kissed them goodbye, and I swore myself I wouldn't come back without the solution.

I went to Norman, Oklahoma, and talked with Amy, my late uncle's wife.

She let me into my uncle's old study, and after many hours of going through dozens of projects, I found what I was looking for.

I skimmed them over and realized that they held the key to taking total control energy-wise. I am a math teacher, after all. And the working principle made perfect sense to me.

But what I didn't know exactly was how to capture the excess light needed for high power output, what were the correct angles and panel layouts to bounce and focus the light, and how to build the device to meet my needs.

I struggled to understand the plans for about a week when Amy suggested calling Jason Newman, my uncle's best friend who had worked with him. She told me he was one of the best engineers at the lab.

I called and told him my story and asked if he could help me decipher the plans my uncle had left.

Being an enthusiast in this field, he agreed.

First, however, I insisted to set some basic rules:

  • The device had to be incredibly cheap to build – I was already over my budget with the research, the trip and everything.
  • It had to be very easy to build – so that I could explain it to my wife and kids to build it if God forbid something were to happen to me.

So we started working on the project together.

As a guy who studied energy sources with my uncle, Jason had a pretty good idea of the science behind how to get the most energy with this principle, and the plans clearly showed that.

Turbocharged solar panels, he called them.

The first models we made were either too expensive, or too complicated for me to build.

We had some heated arguments, mainly because of me being stubborn – I needed the device to be cheap and simple.

In the end, after several attempts, we finally came up with a prototype that seemed to be what we were looking for.

The design was brilliant...

We only used a few solar panels, aluminum sheets, some wires, and an old car battery...

And combined, these materials cost us around $200 at Home Depot…

However, I’m sure we could have found the parts at a junkyard for free, if we weren’t in a rush.

And it only took 10sq ft. of space, so it was perfect even for my tiny backyard.

But the most important part is that it was incredibly safe.

No fire, no dangerous fumes released, so we had zero worry about creating a dangerous explosive reaction.

You simply had to place the panels in the correct position... And because of the ingenious way the device was designed, it generated an extraordinary amount of energy... 400% more power than what the panels would have normally produced, to be more precise.

Jason was right about them being "turbocharged."

The system was actually incredibly easy to hook up to any device - even if you're terrible at building stuff and have trouble plugging in a DVD player to your TV.

So, after building the device, the next step was to test it out to see if it really worked as well as we thought it would.

We connected a car battery to it and we just couldn’t believe our eyes:

The system was capturing the powerful solar rays, and, because of the brilliant focus and refraction design my uncle had come up with, all of that excess energy was immediately put to use...

Providing a steady, robust supply of electricity.

We hooked it up to a bunch of appliances along with Amy's garage...

And she turned everything on...

And not only were all the lights on…

But she was running the freezer, garage doors, and the television with no problem WHATSOEVER.

In truth, I almost couldn't believe how simple all of this was...

Missing my family, I rushed home with the plans…

I started building the device following the steps and, using most of the stuff lying around in my yard and, after several hours, it was ready.

It ran perfectly.

For the rest of January, we used the generator and consumed the same amount of electricity we always did before...

But rather than pay $190 for our energy bill like we did in the past... we were running on concentrated sunlight… That meant ZERO COSTS!

All it had taken me was several hours of my time, 10 sq ft in my backyard, and about $200 in initial costs...

And my family was safe.

I loved the fact that I was teaching my daughter such a great lesson about not being fully dependent on the government or any corporations...

And I felt so RELIEVED to know that she would always grow up in a warm, safe and comfortable home.

Now, that was about two years and a half ago...

And since then, my family and I have saved more than I ever thought I would.

And the generator holds true both in the coldest winter months...

When the temperature can get down into the negative teens...

As well as in the hottest, muggiest days of summer, when the thermometer soars past 100.

Plus, using the same principle to make a few of Jason’s witty tweaks (and a simple scaling secret you'll learn in a few minutes), I managed to juice more power out of the generator.

Enough to never worry about being energy-dependent again.

Well before long my friends and family members were begging to know my secret...

And when I showed them the simple generator Jason and I created...

Many of them had a hard time believing something so small could be creating so much energy…

But after I'd given them the simple building instructions...

And they'd followed them, and created their own "power plant" in several hours...

They became believers FAST.

Because when the person who used this amazing invention was hooking it up to electrical appliances, the results were the same:

An abundance of clean, easy energy that they could use to power anything…

Using electricity without second thinking... blasting the AC during the summer,  running their televisions, their kitchen lights, their garage doors, their most heavy duty appliances...

Soon my friends were telling their friends about my little miniature power plant...

Until finally the number of phone calls and emails from people asking me to share the blueprints for my "home power plant" became too overwhelming...

Kate put her foot down and told me that I HAD to find a better way to share this one-of-a-kind energy system with the world.

So, I went to work rewriting out the blueprints and the materials list to show construction process in simple steps...

And then Diy Dish System was created.

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only.

The DIY Dish System is a step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own "home power plant" TODAY... cutting down by 60% or more on your electric bill in the next 30 days...

As you already know, this system was specifically designed so that “ANYONE with one hand“ can build it – even if you have difficulty plugging your charger into a cell phone.

In fact, you'll be shocked by how few steps there actually are...

And how short the list of materials you need to build this is.

Inside this system, which I'll tell you how you can access in just a second,

You'll see exactly what those steps are, along with a complete materials list that will help you build the system from start to finish.

Even though it wasn't cheap for me to conceive this system – (I put a lot of time, money and effort into it) – I think it's EXTREMELY VALUABLE...

Plus, because the files are something you can download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone...

You'll be able to follow them ANYWHERE, even if you decide to build your own system down in the garage, or outside.

You'll also be given clear guides and written instructions detailing EXACTLY how to connect your system to any appliance…

All of the materials you need to build this will cost $203 TOTAL...

But, as I mentioned, you can probably find about 90% of those materials for FREE in your garage or at a junkyard.

Additionally, you're also going to be given a complete list of tools and you’ll see exactly how to use each one to build the device so that you have an unlimited power supply inside your home.

You will NEVER have to pay such high bills to the greedy electric companies again.

And especially now, with energy prices going through the roof.

And you'll never have to worry about you and your family freezing in the dark the next time the grid decides to take a dive...

And on top of all of that...

The DIY Dish System is virtually maintenance free.

The generator will constantly produce the energy,

So there's no fire, no burning, no dangerous gasses being released...

And no intense mechanical processes that can breakdown.

Instead, you simply unfold the array and enjoy clean off-grid energy, reliable electricity.

So with all of that being said, I want you to pause and think about this for a second...

How good will it feel to never have to stuff the overflowing pockets of the greedy energy companies again?

To never have to go to your mailbox and feel a deep pang of anxiety when you see your monthly statement...

Especially during these troubled times, we're in right now...

To never be forced to take $160 or more of your hard earned money and send it off to a company that could care less about your family's safety.

How happy are you going to be when you join the ranks of the 78,34 other "freedom fighters" who have already decided that they are FED UP with being price gouged every time it gets hot or cold outside?

What will you do with all of that extra money?

Will you put it away for your children's college education?

Will you take your family out to a nice dinner once a month at the 5 star restaurant that your wife looks at whenever you drive by?

Will you use it help pay off your mortgage faster?

In just 10 years from now, having this system in your home saves you at least $14,000... probably more...

So, I want you to think about what this kind of savings will mean for you…

I mean of course, there are other options out there besides this...

You could try an off the shelf traditional solar panel system to power your home.

But the price is a big concern. Can you really afford to pay the $15,000 it costs to have a system like this professionally installed?

Not to mention putting your life at risk by climbing up on the roof to clean them every month.

Or $5000 for a noisy DIY Wind generator that requires a degree in engineering just to set up?

And how much wind is directly hitting your home area throughout the year?

Another alternative is to buy a generator.

But remember, we already crunched the numbers on that.

Even at $2.50 per gallon for gas, like it was when I was looking for a solution... To permanently run your home with a generator would have cost you around $250 per month. And with gas pushing over $4 per gallon now, it's not even worth considering as an option.

Why would you do that when you could get the DIY Dish System today...

And take total control as soon as tonight?

This is my promise to you: if you use the step-by-step videos and blueprints, the illustrated instructions, and the materials cheat-sheet that I'm giving to you...

You will create an incredibly small but incredibly powerful ultra-low maintenance, ultra-efficient power generator that works just as well as your current power source.

Oh, and there's more!

If you access the "DIY Dish System" program today, you'll also get a few exclusive bonuses that will later be off the table if you put this off:

First, you will get the complete guide that will help you Know Your Wires and Cables.

You’ll learn everything there is about wires – from how they are constructed to how to connect them to power anything. No project will look difficult after reading this comprehensive guide.

Second, you get Energy efficient homes – Lear how to insulate you family from high costs around the house and keep money in your pocket daily with this complete guide. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase energy efficiency by using innovative ideas available to anyone!

And third, you get  this special report called 15 tips to save money – no more worries on how to save extra dollars. You will have proven techniques that come from years of experience. Get them all for free!

And given all of that...

You're probably wondering what you need to do to get started…

And what the investment cost will be for the full guide, the blue prints, the materials list, bonuses and everything else that's included.

First of all, let me just be clear about it, there is no system like this available anywhere in the world.

The DIY Dish System is the result of considerable expertise in the energy field... and the contributions of 2 brilliant engineers.

And beyond all the technical innovations that have gone into making this simple and easy to use system...

You also need to understand that this is about more than just energy...

It's about keeping your family safe.

The reason I am so passionate about getting The DIY Dish System into your hands is that I NEVER want you to go through what I went through...

I want to give you the opportunity today to make sure that your home is filled with warmth and love...

That you have the extra money in your pocket to give your family everything they need and want...

From school clothes to vacations, to special dinners at lavish restaurants you and your loved ones deserve.

Saving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars every year is a pretty big deal.

Especially when you can do it all without having to send who-knows-how-many dollars to the same energy conglomerates who are getting rich off your family's financial struggles.

Ultimately, this is about taking action TODAY...

So that you never have to worry about your electric bills for as long as you live.

Because once you've taken several hours to build this system... it won't matter if the grid collapses... electric prices surge... there's a natural gas shortage... or oil prices skyrocket...

The Sun will never run out. And the light focusing "turbocharging" principle will never get old, generating clean energy, and you will be PERMANENTLY insulated from electricity costs for as long as you live.

78,834 honest and deserving families have already invested in the DIY Dish System, and the regular retail price is $149.

In my opinion, that's an incredibly fair price – especially because you'll start saving your hard earned money today.

But, while I do think $149 is a complete bargain...

I also know just how badly a lot of families are struggling just to stay afloat.

I've been there too…

I've held my baby girl in my arms and felt WEAK and HELPLESS...

I've felt like I had a gun to my head like I was being forced to choose between relying on our government... or losing my baby girl...

That's why, for a limited time only... I'm going to cut the investment price for the DIY Dish System by more than 75%.

Instead of paying the standard retail price of $149, which is what many individuals have already gladly done...

If you act today,

You’re going to get the entire DIY Dish System for just $39.

But, if you want to take advantage of this rare discount, you must take action right now by clicking the big "Buy Now" button directly below.


Special Offer Today Only $149 $49 $39

As soon as you click that button you’ll instantly go to a secure checkout page where you'll complete your order.

It takes all of five seconds, and once you hit "enter", you'll immediately get access to the system.

You'll be able to view the complete guide, the blueprints, the illustrated instructions, the material lists and bonuses. And you can do it right from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You'll also be able to download all of the files and you can print out as many copies of the blueprints and materials lists as you'd like.

On top of your instant access, I'm also going to make sure that building the system, and running it, is one of the easiest, simplest, and most pain-free experiences you ever have in your life.

That's why, when you take advantage of this significantly discounted investment price today...

You're also going to get unlimited customer support for LIFE.

So while the chances that you'll need this support are slim, I want to make certain that if you do...

I'm right there to help you.

After you've completed your order, you'll be given my PERSONAL email address to answer any questions.

And if there is even a SPLIT SECOND where you feel confused or that you don't know what the next step is...

Or you just want to know if you can substitute one part for another (which a lot of times you can)...

Simply send me an email and I will personally work with you to get your question answered.

There is only one thing standing between you and a savings of $160/month or more on your electric bill...

And that's the yellow button you see below right now.

Special Offer Today Only $149 $49 $39

But if you're still feeling unsure about the DIY Dish System, then there's one more thing you should hear about...

We’ll give you a 100 percent refund, even if it’s been 59 days.

And that's my 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

Right now, you just need to say "maybe" to the DIY Dish System.

Click the yellow "Buy Now" button you see right now, and claim your instant access to the guide, the blueprints, the materials list, the unlimited lifetime support, bonuses and everything else that's included.

You'll be shocked by how easy this is to build...

And you will be AMAZED by just how quickly the DIY Dish System cuts your electric bill by more than half.

But if for any reason you're not blown away by the results...

Just send an email for an instant refund.

Say you only save $30 a month and you wanted to save more, or you just change your mind?

You’ll get an instant refund with no questions asked.

Right now, you have the chance to join all of us in the fight to take back our energy freedom...

And you have a full 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

But, aren’t you going to ask yourself why you didn’t at least try The DIY Dish System?

You could get furious every time one of your kids or grandkids forgets to turn off the TV…

Or end up fighting with your wife because one of you forgot to turn off the lights again.

But why on earth would you make that decision?

Especially when all you have to do is click the "Buy Now" button below right now.

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Do that and you'll have full access to DIY Dish System, the step-by step guide, the illustrated blueprints, and the materials list.

You won't have to send hundreds of your hard-earned money to Big Electric anymore...

You'll receive unlimited, lifetime support...

And you'll be covered by a full, 100% Money Back Guarantee that's good for 60 Days.

I think your decision is pretty obvious, but I can't click that yellow button for you.

So go ahead and invest in the DIY Dish System right now...

Join the 78,834 thrilled families who realized that there is a better, simpler, and cheaper way to power their homes...

And I'll look forward to seeing you inside that "members only" area in a few moments from now.

Thanks for watching.

Special Offer Today Only $149 $49 $39

Still here?

No worries!

I know that sometimes it can be scary to take that first step and you probably have a few questions.

So, to help you feel fully confident in the investment you're about to make, let me take a minute or two to go ahead and answer some of the most common questions I get asked right now.

  1. How does The DIY Dish System work?

The device uses the same principle used to power up space satellites. Efficient use of captured solar rays. It's a unique concept, applicable on any standard solar panel that can be used in every home, boosting same surface energy and power output by 400%.

  1. What's Maintenance Like?

There's no maintenance whatsoever because the system doesn't have any moving parts. That is, there's no wear and tear. So apart from dusting the panels from time to time, it's basically set and forget.

  1. Is the DIY Dish System Hard to Build?

Not at all. When Jason was helping me to come up with the designs, I was adamant that this would be incredibly simple to build.

There's very little physical labour, so even the elderly or those with a bad back or other ailment should have no problem making it.

As a result, just a small handful of materials are required, and you should allow several hours total for construction.

If you're still feeling nervous, remember that the instructions are clear as day. Simply follow them and you’ll build it. It's really that straight forward.

Plus, if you do get confused for even a second, don't forget to take advantage of your free lifetime support that's included.

  1. What's Included Again?

Inside, you'll get my comprehensive guide showing you exactly how to build your own "DIY Dish System".

I made this guide with an "over-the-shoulder" approach, so it's basically like "I'm there in the room building it with you".

You'll get the blueprints, full color step-by-step directions and the full materials list.

You'll get my special today-only bonuses:

Bonus. 1: Know Your Wires and Cables.

Bonus 2: Energy efficient homes

Bonus 3: 15 tips to save money

PLUS, your investment today will come with unlimited lifetime support.

This means you can email me anytime I have a question, and I'll promptly respond to you.

  1. Is There A Guarantee?

YES! Once you place your order, you have 60 days to check out the guide, blueprints, and instructions.

Just follow along, and once you start building your system will be up and running in several hours.

If at ANY point you are unsatisfied, or change your mind about this, just send me an email and I will refund your entire investment – no questions asked.

  1. I'm Ready! How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on the "Buy Now" button you see below. You'll then be taken to my 100% secure checkout page, where you'll enter your order information.

Special Offer Today Only $149 $49 $39

After you've completed your order, you'll have access to my special "members only area".From there, you can instantly download everything.

Remember, you have a full 60 Day money-back guarantee here, along with unlimited lifetime support.

So, go ahead and seize your energy-independence now clicking the yellow button.

In order to keep him anonymous, Daniel Scott is a pen name.


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